Word Counter

This tool counting for words, characters and lines. Online word counter tool.

Reading Time (Tentative)

Aside from word counter and characters, our online editor can help you improve your word choice and writing style, as well as identify grammar errors and plagiarism. Simply place your mouse in the text box above and begin typing to determine the word count. As you enter, erase, and change them, the amount of characters and words will rise or decrease. You may also copy and paste content from another software into the above-mentioned web editor. The Auto-Save function ensures that you don't lose any changes you make while editing, even if you leave the site and return later. Now is a good time to bookmark this page.

Knowing a text's word count can be useful. For example, suppose an author is required to produce a certain number of words for an article, essay, report, tale, book, or paper.

Word Counter will assist in ensuring that its word count meets a specified demand or remains inside a specific restriction.

Word Counter also displays the top ten keywords and keyword density for the article you're writing. This enables you to determine which terms you use how frequently and in what percentages. This will prevent you from overusing specific terms or word combinations and will allow you to check for the optimal keyword distribution in your work.

The average speaking and reading time for your content can be seen in the Details overview, while Reading Level indicates the education level required to grasp the words you're using.

Disclaimer: While we endeavor to make our tools as accurate as possible, we cannot promise that they will always be so.