Pinterest Shadow Ban Checker

Check your Pinterest account is shadow banned with our reliable and easy-to-use Pinterest Shadow Ban Checker tool.

What is Pinterest Shadow Ban?

Accounts with excessive spam are applied a shadow ban. It usually occurs due to multiple accounts or very frequent pinning over a single string.

Pinterest social media platform treats your actions as spam and does not show the content you share from that account to users. Social networks do not like spam content. You will be fined ghost bans and shadowban as a result of excessive spamming.

We'll pin up your followers and your page profile, and your account will be used actively. However, it does not appear in any way in search results, tags and discover parts. In this case, your account will not make any progress.

You can use shadowban checker and pinterest shadowban test on the web for free and without requiring a download. You can query whether your Pinterest account is shadow-banned.